Using Depth of Field PaintShop Pro X4

Depth of field is the range of distance for which the subject is rendered in acceptably sharp focus in the photographic image.

You can control the depth of field to create an area of focus that draws attention to the subject of your photo.

To create an area of focus by using the Depth of Field effect:

  1. In the Edit workspace, select the area that you want to keep in focus.
  2. Click Adjust > Select Depth of Field. A dialog box will appear.
  3. Move the Blur slider to adjust the amount of blur applied to the out-of-focus area.

You can also do the following:

  • Invert the selected area by marking the Invert check box.
  • Control the aperture shape for the blurred area by clicking one of the following:
    • Circular Aperture Shape
    • Hexagonal Aperture Shape
  • Adjust the transition between the area in focus and the blurred area
  • Move the Feather edge slider.

Moving the slider to the right increases the feathering; moving the slider to the left decreases the feathering.

Note: A setting of 0 producers a hard, undefined edge, which is probably not what you want. In general, do not set this slider to less that 2 or 3.

  • Fine-tune the size of the area in focus
  • Move the Focus Range slider.

Moving the slider to the left will shrink the area of focus; moving the slider to the right will expand the area of focus to the edge of the selection.


If you dont have a pre-existing selection, you can select an area of focus using any of the selection tools in the Depth of Field dialog box: Circular, Freehand, Rectangular, or Raster Selection.

Make your selection slightly larger than the area you want to keep in focus, and then fine-tune the edge of the selection by using the Focus range slider.

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