WordPerfect Office X4 Service Pack 1 Release Notes

WordPerfect Office X4 Service Pack 1 Release Notes

Service Pack 1 offers these enhancements and others in the following areas:

WordPerfect X4

  • If you have Microsoft Word 2007 open, WordPerfect no longer crashes when closing the last open document.
  • Using COM automation to create scripts in WordPerfect is fixed.
  • If the Automatic calculation setting for tables is Off, changes to cell formatting no longer force a recalculation.


Quattro Pro X4

  • Copying and pasting large selections from one sheet to another no longer affects the stability of Quattro Pro.


Paradox ( WordPerfect Office X4 Professional)

  • Paradox is now supported on Windows Vista.
  • If you need to install and use both Paradox and Paradox Runtime on the same system, you must install Paradox Runtime before installing Paradox.
  • When running Paradox on Windows Vista, some of the online help will not function because it is based on the Windows Help technology. To view the Windows Help files on Windows Vista, you need to download and install the following program from here.

Each application has a version number, if you want to know the full version number of your installation, click Help, About in any Corel application, or check the volinfo.txt file at the root of Programs CD.


Applications and Components Initial Release Service Pack 1
WordPerfect X4
Quattro Pro X4
Presentations X4
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