When Playing a Disc, I have a Mismatch Between Disc and Player Region Codes

In WinDVD 9, one may encounter a message indicating that there is a mismatch between the Disc and Player Region Codes.

This may occur only on some discs, and others will play just fine.

Blueray Disc Drives have a setting to indicate what Region they are located in.

To change this for North American (Region A) Blu Ray Discs, please use the following steps:

1) Remove any discs from the drive
2) Open WinDVD 9 and click on the white set-up wheel in the upper right corner
3) Click on the Region Tab
4) In the current Region, please change DVD Title to BD Title in the dropdown
5) Select A. United States, Canada, Japan, etc.
6) Click Apply
7) Click Okay

This setting allows the hardware to specifically play discs that can play in that region, or discs that can play in ANY region.  If a Disc specifies that it is for a region other then what the drive is set up for (ie, European Disc in a North American Drive), one will encounter this message. Please note that you can only change these settings if you opened the application without any discs in the drive. If it is greyed out and one cannot pick the region, remove any and all discs from your drives, and restart WinDVD without inserting the disc. One should be able to change the region codes then.  If it is still greyed, try again after restarting the computer.

There are occasions where no region is selected.  With no region selected, one will only be able to play discs that are not locked to a specific region.  One will still need to pick a specific region in order to play the majority of commercial Blue Ray Discs.

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