Creating Custom Registration Marks in CorelDRAW®

When printing in CorelDRAW, the default registration marks may not be the correct size or may not be in the correct format. There is the option to create custom registration marks that will appear on all color plates when printing separations. Follow these steps to create custom registration marks:


1. Create an object that will serve as the registration mark (ie. a circle with an x through it).

2. Group the object together by selecting all the components and choosing Arrange-Group. Now select the grouped object.

3. Select the Outline Pen Dialog by pressing F12 or by selecting it by holding down on the Outline Tool flyout in the Toolbox.

  • Set the desired width and line style. Select Other from Color button.
  • The Select Color window will appear.
  • Choose Registration Color from the Model drop-down list.
  • Click OK till and OK. The registration mark will now appear on all plates.
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