Compliments & Complaints

Did we do something right and you want to tell us?

Send a compliment, provide us with general feedback, or idea and suggestions for tutorials and help articles.  

Are you having an issue or something isn't working the way you expect?

Follow these steps to tell us.

Step 1: Contact Customer Support

Please contact our Customer Support team by chat, telephone, regular mail, or by submitting a support case.

If you have contacted our Customer Support team via one of the above listed methods:

Step 2: Escalate your Complaint

If you're dissatisfied with the outcome of your contact with a Customer Support representative at Step 1, please submit your information into the form below, and a supervisor will be in touch with you within 6 business hours.

Please note that a case number is required to submit your complaint. If you were not able to contact technical support before via step 1 due to technical difficulties, please use Case Number 0000.

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