How to do Batch Resize in PaintShop Pro X4

PaintShop Pro X4 is an advanced photo editing program and is capable of resizing multiple photos at the same time. In order to do so you will need to record a script. Scripts are a series of commands that you record and play back. Scripts are then applied using Batch Process feature.

Note: In order to avoid distortion of photos, different scripts are created for portrait and landscape images.

Step 1- Saving a Script
You may refer to the steps you have written on a paper to further save your time and optimize the recording of the script.

Edit workspace
File >> Script

1. Click the Start Script Recording button.
2. Perform the actions that cover the script.
Example given: Resizing of images with landscape layout

a. Open a photo with LANDSCAPE format
b. Go to Image on the Menu Bar
c. Choose Resize- You can resize using Print Size or Pixel Dimensions

Choose the measurement desired.
If you want to learn more on how to resize using Print Size or Pixel Dimensions visit this page. Type the article number or the article title on the search box in our Knowledge base webpage. 000004705 - How to resize an image using pixel dimension or percentage

3.Go back to File> Script> Click the Save Script Recording button.
The Save As dialog box appears.
4.Choose the folder where you want to save the script by clicking on the drop down arrow.
5.Type a name for the script, and click Save.
6.Choose a file name that best describes the functionof the script.

Figure 2- Saving Scripts

Step 2- Applying Batch Process Edit workspace
1. Go to File
2. Select Batch Process
3. Click on Browse. Select all the images you want to include in your batch process.
4. Place a check mark on the tick box for Use Script
5. Click on the dropdown and select the script that you want to apply.
6. Click Start to start the batch process.

Figure 3- Applying Batch Process

Note: You may make changes under SAVE MODE and SAVE OPTIONS

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