MovieFactory Pro 7 Total Size Is Larger Than The Chosen Project

Error Message

The total size is larger than the chosen project.


This message will occur when trying to export a video file or project to DVD that is greater than the allowable storage size of the DVD.  The reason this will occur is because the conversion over to DVD compatible files will result in a much greater file size than the original media.  As an example, a simple 2 hour video including menus will fit onto a 4.7Gig DVD just nicely.  Anything above that size will require adjustments to the project output settings.


In order to create sufficient space, doing the following steps will increase the potential for more information to be burned.  But in doing so, some quality of the outputted project will be sacrificed somewhat.  Here are the steps on how to modify the settings for the project files.


1. On the Output screen, select the Project Settings button located in the lower left hand corner
  2. Click on the Change MPEG Settings button
  3. Select Customize
  4. Select the Compression Tab
  5. Change the Video data rate to 2500 kbps (optional)
  6. Change the Audio format to Dolby Digital Audio
  7. Click the OK button

With setting the Video Data Rate and the Audio format to lower options, this will allow for more information to be exported to a DVD.  Thus, maintaining near to the same file size of the original media that is being used.

Also, creating a DVD without a menu will also free up some space for additional media that can be put on the DVD.  To remove the Disc Menu option from a project, follow these steps:

  1. On the Add Media screen, click the Advanced Editing option
  2. Uncheck the Create menu option
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