Changing your Roxio software update settings

Windows Products

Roxio PC products are designed to update themselves automatically through the Update Manager. Once an update is available, the Update Manager will send a message to you that an update is available and give you the option to install the update. The Update Manager is enabled by default unless you turn it off.

You can choose to turn the Update Manager on or off by changing its default settings:

  1. Launch your Roxio software.
  • Go to Tools > Options (may also be Preferences).
  • You can enable or disable updates by selecting or deselecting "Check for updates at start of application."

Click OK.

Macintosh Products

Toast (Mac) users can change their update settings by:

  • Launching their Roxio software.
  • Go to Toast Titanium > Preferences...
  • Click the General tab.
  • Check or uncheck "Automatically check for updates."

Note: If you have a product other than Toast, the Toast Titanium menu will be the name of your product.

Roxio retail customers can also update their software by going to the Roxio Software Updates page.


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