Enabling the Learning Center Palette in PaintShop Pro X4 and X5

There are various means to acquaint a first-time and amateur PaintShop Pro users to the program. There are thousands of written and video tutorials on the worldwide web, particularly on the Corel website, that PaintShop Pro users can check out.

Alternatively, one can also check the Help topics, Corel Guide or Learning Center which is found within the program. But in this article, you will get to know the significance and function of the Learning Center and you will also know how to enable the Learning Center palette.

The Learning Center palette contains useful information regarding particular commands, tools and tasks in PaintShop Pro. It displays task-based workflow which both amateur and experienced users can bank on to get their projects done in next to no time.



'By default, Learning Center is displayed on the right side of the Edit workspace. If it is not displayed or you need a larger workspace, then you can opt to display or hide the Learning Center palette. There are three (3) options to do this:

1. Click View menu >> Palettes >> Learning Center.



2. Click Help menu >> Leaning Center.

3. Press F10 on your keyboard.


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