No recorder found in Macintosh products



  • Check the Apple System Profiler. This application can be found in your Utilities folder inside the Application folder. Check the devices and volumes tab and see if the Operating System can tell that the drive is there. If the drive is seen, view the details on it to see whether or not the OS knows it is a recorder.
  • If the drive is not seen here, check with your recorder manufacturer for OS X compatibility or possible hardware problems.
  • Also, make sure you have the latest Toast update.

OS 9

  1. Check the extension manager. Confirm that USB Authoring Support and Firewire authoring Support are turned off.
  • Also in the extension manager, confirm that Toast Firewire, Toast USB (A, B, & C), and Toast CD Reader are turned on.
  • The Extension manager will not help you if you have a hardware problem. Test your recorder on another system or test your system with another recorder if possible.

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