My camera is not listed in the Supported Cameras list for Paint Shop Pro.

Paint Shop Pro 8 does not handle Camera Support the same way earlier versions of Paint Shop Pro did. There are three methods to access images from a Camera in Paint Shop Pro 8:

1. If your digital Camera is TWAIN compliant: You may be able to access the images on the Camera through Paint Shop Pro's TWAIN Support. NOTE: This will only work with TWAIN compliant digital cameras. To use this option, you may first need to select the Camera as the TWAIN device. Choose File > Import > TWAIN > Select Source, and choose your Camera in the Window, then click Select. Once you have selected the Camera as the TWAIN Source, you can access the Camera by choosing File > Import > TWAIN > Acquire.

2. If your Camera is WIA compatible: You may be able to access the images on your Camera through WIA. Choose File > Import > From Scanner or Camera to download the images to your computer. You will get an interface to open your images.

3 If your USB Camera creates a Virtual(or Mounted) Drive: You may be able to use the following method to access images directly from your Camera. To access the Camera's Mounted drive, you first need to install the drivers supplied with the Camera. Once they are installed you should see the Camera as a Virtual Drive inside My Computer. Typically your Virtual Drive will be labeled Removable drive, or possibly labeled after the name of the Camera (for example Kodak DC40 Camera). If you see this then you should be able to access the images from Paint Shop Pro. Open Paint Shop Pro and choose File > Open, and browse to your camera's removable drive. You should see the images inside the Camera, now you can select the images and open them in Paint Shop Pro for editing. Note: This technique may not be available for every USB equipped Camera but it should work for most.

For installing Digital Camera Support for Paint Shop Pro 7 and earlier versions follow these instructions:

1. Choose Windows Start > Programs > Jasc Software > Utilities > Digital Camera Support. The Windows installer will appear.

2. Click the Next button twice, you will be at a Custom Setup screen where you will see "Select the program features you want installed"

3. You will also see hard drive icons in the white portion of this window with different Camera makes displayed on the right.

4. Highlight your Camera and you'll see the specific models on the right in the Gray area of the window. When you locate your model click the corresponding hard drive icon.

5. The Option to install that "Feature on your local hard drive" will appear along with additional choices to install the feature and all it's subfeatures, or to make the feature unavailable. We recommend you install the feature and its subcomponents.

6. Click the Next button and you will be at the "Ready to install the Program" window, click Install. The install will take place and you will need to click on Finish to complete the process. ***After installing the digital Camera Support for your listed Camera make and model you should be able to connect your Camera to your computer.

7. Set your Camera to the proper mode needed to transfer the image files i.e. The Kodak camera's have dials that need to be set to "Connect" in order to transfer the image files in them to a computer.

8. Open Paint Shop Pro 5, 6, or 7.

9. Choose File > Import > Digital Camera > Configure.

10. There is where you make sure your Camera is listed and select the appropriate com port and baud rate. This configuration will vary by computer and it may be necessary to try different combinations in order to successfully transfer the image files. click OK

11. Choose File > Import > Digital Camera > Access.

12. You should now be able to access the images from your digital Camera. NOTE: You may need to access the configure option and try different port and baud rate combination

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