PaintShop Proː There was not enough memory to complete the operation

Error Message: There was not enough memory to complete the operation

If you notice this error box pop up when trying to perform a certain action in PaintShop Pro, this means that the pixel size exceeds the boundaries of 4999 pixels high x 4999 pixels wide. This is a size limitation in PaintShop Pro which will not allow you to perform certain actions such as use the Object Extractor or Printing an image if it is above the dimensions indicated.

As a workaround, you would have to resize your image to a dimension lower than 4999 x 4999.

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    With virtual memory this message just shouldn't happen particularly if I say "copy" part of a layer.  I've closed all documents and restarted windows.  "if this doesn't correct the problem you can try adjusting the memory settings in Windows"  This message is unhelpful without further instruction of how to do that.  There should be more details about my document about how much memory is used in each layer etc etc, also saving bits of a file (like certain layers) and then reconstituting the whole.  Overall PSP requires much too much tutorial.

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