Creating Text Effects using PowerClip in CorelDraw



1. Click on the TextTool and type your name or nickname. This will serve as your text placeholder later on in the project. Set thefont to Arial Black andobject size to8 in.x1.5 in.. Press P on your keyboard to set alignment to center.


2. Using the Texttool, create a paragraph text.Resize the paragraph text frame to 10 in. x 6 in.

Fill the paragraph text with the same text used in your placeholder.

In the object properties docker, centerthe text, set the line spacing to 75% and word spacing to 60%. Set the fill type toFountain Filland choose select the rainbow color. Your paragraph text should look like this: 

3. Select the placeholder, right click on it and then choose Frame Type > Create Empty Powerclip Frame.

4. Drag and drop the paragraph texton top of the placeholder.

Click on the Edit Powerclip and then press P on your keyboard to center the paragraph text inside the placeholder.

While the paragraph text is still selected, rotate it by going with the angle of rotation in the property bar and setting the value of 15 degrees.

When you have finished editing the content, click the Stop editing content button.

5. Remove the color of the placeholder by clicking on the Empty color in the Color Palette.

6. If you want to change the color, you can do so, by going to the Object Manager dockerand selecting the Paragraph text. Next go to the Object Properties dockerand change the colorof the fountain fill.

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