Using QuickFill in Quattro Pro

'QuickFill is Quattro Pro's equivalent for the AutoFill feature of Microsoft Excel.  It will allow the user to enter repeated labels, functions and fills empty cells and spreadsheet tabs automatically. 


1.   Select a row of cells

2.   Click 
Edit ▸Fill ▸ QuickFill  
(''''or press the Ctrl + Shift + L 'on the keyboard).

Note:  cells can be filled automatically by clicking the QuickFill  button in the Notebook toolbar.

3.   Click the drop-down list and select a series from the Series Name list.

4.   Select an element from the Series Elements list 

5.   In the Fill As section, select one of the following options:

 •  Columns — to fill data from the first selected cell to the bottom of the first column of cells then continues at the top of the second selected column.

 •  Rows — to fill data from the first selected cell to the end of the first row of cells then continues at the beginning of the second selected row.

6.  Click OK

To fill cells using seed values:   

1.   Enter a seed value in your selected cell.

Seed value - the first value in the series.  (Example: January, Monday, 1, 1st, etc).

2.   Select the seed value cell and the blank cells 

3.   Click Edit ▸ Fill ▸QuickFill

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