What is the PSIservice

The latest updates for Corel products may add the PSI service file to your computer as a service. Please see below for more details about what thisservice is and why it is important to your software.

Corel values the privacy of its customers.

  1. The Protexis Licensing service (PSIservice) appears on computers that have installed recent Corel products or product updates. Protexis is a third-party technology partner that Corel has engaged to provide product licensing protection.
  2. The PSIservice never connects to the internet except when the product is activated online.
  3. The PSIservice file itself does not access any data other than the Corel product-licensing and registration information, and it does not negatively affect or interfere with your computer or its Internet access.
  4. The PSIservice file is required because of product changes that were introduced to address Microsoft Windows Vista operating-system requirements.


Disabling this service is not recommended since it may cause your software to stop working. This service may also be used by other, non-Corel software on your system and could also cause them to stop working.

In addition to the PSIservice, thewill connect to the Internet to download messages such as the availability of products updates. This happens only when a program is run and the service is optional. For information on the messaging service,.

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