Unable to install Easy Media Creator 9.1 Update


Please read the following before updating:



  • You must have a valid copy of the full, retail version of Easy Media Creator 9 or Easy Media Creator 9 Deluxe Suite on your system in order to install this update. If you did not purchase a retail copy of Creator, this update will not work for your version of Creator 9.

    To check your version of Creator, run any program in the Creator Suite and choose About This Software from the Help menu. The second line will display your version number. If the version number starts with 9.0, and you are running the retail version of Easy Media Creator Suite or Deluxe Suite, you are eligible for this update.


  • You must choose the correct updater for your version: Creator 9 Suite or Creator 9 Deluxe Suite. As an easy reminder, the Deluxe Suite version comes with the Dazzle DVC 90 USB video input device.


  • Do NOT uninstall your previous version. The updater will do this for you. The update will replace your installed copy of Creator 9 with Creator 9.1 (or Creator Deluxe Suite 9.1). The update is required to find your previous, compatible version to update.


  • This update is approximately 750 MB. A broadband Internet connection is recommended to download.


  • Due to Windows Vista certification requirements, there are several differences between version 9.0 and 9.1.
    • Backup MyPC is not included in the Creator 9.1 update.
    • XingTone is not included in Creator 9.1.
    • DVDInfoPro, InstallShield Update Manager and SightSpeed are not installed by default. If you want these programs in your suite, you should use the "complete" or "custom" install options.


  • Before installing the Creator 9.1 update, shut down all other running programs and unneeded background processes.


  • Installing the Creator 9.1 updater may take several minutes, depending on the speed of your system. Do not interrupt the updater until it has finished.

If you have met all the requirements listed above and are still unable to install, try performing a clean install of Creator 9, and then apply the update.


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