YouTube Upload Export Limits

If you are trying to export to YouTube and your project is over 15 minutes long, you will receive one of the following errors depending on your project:

Pinnacle Studio error: "The project file time exceeds the upload limit imposed by this site. Please modify your project and retry."

Avid Studio error: “The duration of this video exceeds the maximum length for videos on YouTube. Videos can be a maximum of 15 minutes long. Please modify your project and try again.”

If you receive one of these errors the best course of action is to shorten your project as the error states. If you have Avid Studio, another option is to upload only a portion of your project by moving the In and Out markers in the Export preview window to define a section of the project that is less than 15 minutes.

Pinnacle Studio has an option to export between Markers. If you choose to export only a part of the project between markers and the entire duration of the project is over 15 minutes it will still fail even if the area between the markers is less than 15 minutes. In this case you must shorten the project.

YouTube users in good standing may be able to upload longer duration files. In this case you can export your project as a file from Studio in one of the supported YouTube formats and then upload the file manually at


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