Creating an AVCHD Archive with Toast 10

1. At the top left of the Toast window, click the Video button and choose AVCHD Archive.


  • Connect your AVCHD camcorder to your computer via the USB connection and ensure it is set to the proper mode so your Mac can access the video. On most camcorders, this is the Playback mode.

    It is also suggested that you have AC power connected to the camcorder, and in some cases required by the camcorder itself.


  • Select your AVCHD source in the pull down menu. AVCHD camcorders typically appear as a removable volume or drive on your Desktop.


  • Insert a blank or recordable DVD or BD disc.


  • Click the red Record button, choose a recorder from the list, and configure any optional recording settings.


  • Click Record to continue.

Note: If more than one blank disc is required, you will prompted with the total number of discs required before recording begins.

Tip: You can enable the option to Save Video Preview in Movies Folder. This will create a low-resolution preview version of your video inside yourMovies folder so you can quickly browse archived AVCHD video on your hard disk instead of searching through multiple discs for the right video.


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