Creating slideshows in Creator 10

  1. Launch Easy Media Creator Home.


  • Click on the Photo tab in the Project pane and then select Create Slideshow.
  • In Roxio Slideshow Assistant window, click the Add Photos button. In the Add Photos dialog box, select the photo(s) and click Add Photos button when done.

    Tip: To select more than one file at a time, press and hold the Control key while you select the files.
  • To add music, click Add Background Audio. In the Background Audio dialog box, click onAdd Audio Track. In the Add Audio dialog box, select the music track(s) and click Add Audio button when done. Click OK.

    Tip: You can also choose Add SmartSound Audio to make cool soundtracks for your slideshow. Go here (link to How to use SmartSound) for instructions on how to use SmartSound.


  • To add your own text, select a photo and click on the Add/Edit Text On Slide button at the top.
  • Click the Next button to continue.
  • Select transitions under Transition Style. Click on the Play button to preview the transitions. You can change the slide duration under Set the slide duration. Each transition has its own minimum slide duration.

    Tip:If your slideshow contains music, you can place a check mark on Fit to Audio to match your slides duration to your audio.


  • Click the Next button to continue.
  • Click on the Finish button to save your slideshow project. For other output options, choose one of the options from the Project window.

    Save this Project: Save your slideshow project.
    Burn To Disc: Burn your slideshow to a CD or DVD.
    Create File: Output your slideshow to a video file.
    Edit in VideoWave: To continue working on your slideshow using more advanced editing features in VideoWave.


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