Discs created with Avid Studio or Studio 16 are out of sync

This document applies to Avid Studio, Pinnacle Studio 16 and Studio 17.

If the audio and video on a disc are not in sync, the following steps should help to resolve the problem.

First make sure that the project plays back properly with correct sync in the Editor. If it does not, then there is no way that the disc will play back properly. You should look at the area of the project where the sync problem occurs and try to correct it if possible. If the project play back properly, try these steps.

1. Always Re-encode: If you are exporting to a disc format try selecting “Always re-encode entire movie”. To do this, click the Advanced button in the Settings section of the Exporter. In the Advanced Settings check “Always re-encode entire movie” and click Apply.

2. Delete Render Files: Select Setup > Control Panel. Select the Storage Locations category. In this window click the “Delete render file” button. Click OK and then re-export your project.

3. Re-create the disc: Try exporting the disc again.


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