Currently Supported Corel Products

If your product version is not listed below, you can call 1 877 582 6735 to upgrade (other regions) and provide promo code UPGRADE to receive a 10% upgrade discount.

Corel supports the following products:


  • AfterShot 2, 3  AfterShot Pro 2, 3
  • PaintShop Pro X9, 2018
  • Photo Impact X3

Video & DVD

  • WinDVD 2010, 2011
  • WinDVD Pro 2011, 2012
  • DVD Copy 6 Plus
  • DVD Factory 2010
  • DVD MovieFactory Pro 7
  • XPack
  • VideoStudio Express
  • VideoStudio Pro X9, X10
  • MotionStudio 3D

Illustration & Design

  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite  X8, 2017
  • CorelDRAW Home & Student Suite X7, X8
  • Wilcom DecoStudio 2, e3
  • CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7, 2017
  • CorelCAD 2016, 2017
  • Painter 2017, 2018
  • ParticleShop
  • Painter Essentials 4, 5

Office & Utilities

  • WordPerfect Office Standard Edition X7, X8
  • WordPerfect Office Professional Edition X7, X8
  • WordPerfect Office X7, X8 - Home & Student Edition
  • Corel Office
  • PDF Fusion
  • Perfect Authority (US only)


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  • 0

    activation cod

  • 0

    wo ist mein Aktivierung Code?

  • 0
    Renata Hofmanova

    I lost CorelDRAW 11 and I would like to renew it, but I do not know how. I still have a login code

  • -1
    Dollie Arrington

    I CANNOT SEEM TO ACCESS MY ONLINE HELP TOPICS IS THERE anything wrong with the internet in ps 8

    Edited by Dollie Arrington
  • 0
    Chris Kingsbury

    OX 6 office won'accept the validation keys, say they are invalid


  • 0
    Mark Reaney

    I'll ask it here since there seems to be no where better... How do you create a custom pattern in Painter Essentials 5??????


  • -1
    Robert Montross

    How do I reinstate my installed WP10 which I have been denied access?

  • -1
    Abdallah Rajab

    My videoStudio has corruot, How can I remove from my computer, and re install it again. infact uninstall it is not workink. ther is nor option for uninstall it


  • -2
    Yogesh Patil

    serial no. no available

  • -1
    Edgar Andrews

    Why does Corel make it so hard to get support?

  • 0
    Revan Smith

    I purchased Corel paint shop pro x8 .online and downloaded it  since then my computer was damaged and I would like to download it to my new computer,,i have my serial number,,etc..,,how do I go about this process since I cant get back in my other computer ,,to migrate it,,,and I cant seen to find any kind of restore software help,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • 0
    John Harper

    I was "painting" in CP2017 and needed to make my picture bigger. I added to all sides of the canvas and tried to save but it crashed. Three times. Then I decided to just make one simple addition and it also crashed. Very disturbing. It is possible my file of CP 2017 is damaged and needs to be re-installed. I think I paid extra for this b/u but I don't recall details. 

    Let me know how I do this and also if you have a better answer to my problem, let me know. Thanks

  • 0
    Sharon Chapman

    I purchased PI X3 several years ago from Corel.  I have a new laptop and no longer have install files.   I can see all my purchase info in my account section, but the downloads section no longer contains the install files.  I tried going through your chat help but was told I need to purchase another copy?  Crazy!  Can someone please send me a link to download PI X3 WITHOUT having to purchase another copy?

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