Top 10 Reasons to buy WordPerfect Office X6.

1. Your all-in-one office solution


Create powerful documents, spreadsheets, graphics, presentations and more. WordPerfect®

Office X6 includes thousands of templates, fonts and clipart, plus the complete Electronic

Pocket Oxford Dictionary. It’s everything you need in an office suite–all for one affordable



2. Built-in PDF tools


Avoid buying costly third-party PDF software. Use the built-in PDF capabilities to open a PDF,

edit in WordPerfect, then resave as a PDF or convert into other formats. For added

functionality, use Corel® PDF Fusion™ to create, open, edit, save and convert PDF files without

altering formatting. Plus, view and annotate PDFs using the Nuance® PaperPort® 12 SE

document manager.

Take control with the tools you trust


3. Legendary control


Work the way you want with WordPerfect Office X6. Create even the most complex

documents, letters, faxes, brochures, resumes and more. Take full advantage of your printer

capabilities to get that perfect look, or use the one-click Make-it-Fit™ feature to adjust your

document to the exact size you want.


4. The extra tools you need


Use simple drag-and-drop Reveal Codes to create hassle-free formatting. Protect copyrighted

or sensitive information using the Redaction tool. Save research and markup time by creating

a complete Table of Contents. Plus, take advantage of WSDL and web services to

automatically pull information from your online database into a WordPerfect template.

Powerful productivity made easy


5. NEW! Multiple monitor support

With the new multiple monitor feature now you can simultaneously open and work on even

more files than ever. Edit a document on one monitor and let someone else instantly view it

on a second monitor at the same time to improve collaboration and productivity.


6. NEW! Advanced Preview window


Check out files before you open them in Windows® Explorer and Microsoft® Outlook using the

WordPerfect Office X6 Preview feature. Now you can choose from a rich set of right-click

options directly in the Window's preview panel.


7. Work faster, work smarter


Whether you’re new to WordPerfect or a seasoned pro, getting started is quick and easy.

Customize your workspace to let you create your documents, your way. Get up and running

even faster with the new and improved Reference Center which lets you seamlessly gather the

help and information you need.

Collaborate with confidence


8. NEW! WordPerfect eBook Publisher


Ever wanted to write and publish your own book? Now you can with the WordPerfect eBook

Publisher! With just a few simple clicks you can create an eBook which can be shared and

viewed on smartphones and handheld digital readers such as the Kindle. Add chapters, color

fonts, photos and more!


9. Share files quickly and easily


Use the Mozilla® Thunderbird® integrated email client to access your email–even from external

accounts such as Gmail™. For added functionality, WordPerfect Office X6 also includes full

support for Microsoft® SharePoint™.


10. Work with even more files than ever!


Open, edit and save virtually every file type imaginable. WordPerfect® Office X6 supports

more than 60 file types, including the latest Microsoft® Office formats. Also includes rich

import/export capabilities and integrated support for Microsoft® OOXML formats. Whatever

the file type—WordPerfect Office has got you covered!



Not all documented features and/or third-party components are available in all versions of

WordPerfect Office X6. For a detailed feature comparison please contact your Corel

representative or visit

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