Placing Objects over a Video Clip in Video Studio Pro

To overlay objects:

1. Open the video file and make sure that you are in the Timeline view.

2. In the Library, click on the Graphic Icon and then choose Object out of the dropdown menu to display theObjects. Objects can now be imported by clicking on the Folder icon or chosen from the pre-installedlibrary below.

3. After you have selected an object from the library, drag the object into the Timeline in the overlay
track. It will now appear over the video in the preview screen.

4. Expand the options panel of that clip and go to the Edit tab to change the angle or rotation.

5. To edit the size and shape of the object, click the Attributes tab. The arrow can be moved around the screen on the preview and manipulated with the 8 nodes appearing around its corners.

6. To shorten or lengthen the time that the arrow will appear on the screen and when it will appear,
the clip can be dragged to the right and moved up or down the overlay track (unlike the main track
which cannot have gaps or spaces). The duration can also be entered in precise seconds in the Edit
tab while the object is selected in the timeline.



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