How To Import Brushes From The Extra Content in Painter 12 (Windows version)


Normally, Painter brushes have .brushvariant as the file format.  In this case, the file format present in the Extra Content folder is .XML.  This format is not recognizable by the Import function of Painter 12.  So instead of using the Import function under the Brushes menu, please use the following steps to import brushes.



1. Go to My Computer (or Computer for Windows Vista and 7 users.  For Windows 8 users, click the File Explorer Icon in the Task bar)


2. Open Local Drive C

3. Open Program Files


4. Open the Corel folder


5. Open Painter 12


6. Open the Extra Content folder


7. Open the Brushes folder


8. Example:  To import Calligraphic Brushes to Painter 12, open the Calligraphic Brushes folder


9. Highlight and copy all content inside the folder

10. Go back and open the Painter 12 folder located at C:\Program Files\Corel\Painter12
11. Open the Brushes folder
12. Next, open the Painter 12 Brushes folder.
13. Paste the copied brushes too this folder.
Once finished, open Painter 12 and check to see if the brushes are there.  All Calligraphic Brushes are now present in the brush drawer.
Brushes Callig                       Pens Callig                       Wet Callig


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