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Welcome to this tutorial about the Manage  and Adjust Workspaces  in PaintShop Pro! These Workspaces are essential for organizing and making quick adjustments to your photos. PaintShop Pro has three  Workspaces :  The Manage  Workspace  helps you manage and organize your photos. The Adjust Workspace  has popular tools for quick edits. The Edit Workspace contains the full suite of editing tools.

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • The layout and features of the Workspaces.
  • How to use some of the most useful tools.

PaintShop Pro has three different Workspaces that can be accessed from the tabs in the top center of your PaintShop Pro window.

- The Manage Workspace

First we will look at the features of the Manage Workspace.  The layout is as follows:

- The Navigation Palette is on the left. This Palette will allow you to select photos for new projects, and keep your images organized. It also helps you find photos by day, tag, people, places, or star rating for easy access.

- The Preview Window is in the center.

- The  Organizer Palette  is below the Preview Window. Here you will have  access to all the projects you have open and on the go.

- The Info Palette is on the right. In this palette you can view/add/edit information about your images, such as camera settings, tags, captions, and star ratings.

Once your photos are on your computer, they can be imported by opening the Collections tab in the Navigation Palette, and select your folder from Browse More Folders. Your images will appear as thumbnails in the  Organization  Palette. Double-clicking on a thumbnail will bring the full sized image into  Quick Preview  mode in the Preview Window.    In the Quick Preview mode you can delete, rotate, and apply star ratings. 

The Manage Workspace has three modes that can be accessed in the top right of the Info Palette. They are: Thumbnail which allows you see many images in the  Preview  Window;  Preview for a full screen view of one image; and Mapwhich allows you to attach geographic locations to photos.

The Adjust Workspace

The Adjust Workspace allows you to review and edit your photos using the most commonly used editing tools. The Workspace is organized as follows:

- The Adjust Palette is on the left.

- The Preview Window is in the center.

- The Toolbars are along the top.

- The Instant Effects Palette, which allows you to apply various effects to your photos with one click, is located on the right.

- The Organizer, containing thumbnail images, is located at the bottom.

One of the best things about the Adjust Workspace is that PaintShop Pro will do a lot of the editing work for you! For example, the Smart Photo Fix  feature will suggest photo settings.


By clicking on one of the Instant Effects, you can apply cool effects, like different colored tones, to your photos in one click.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to check out the other tutorials that are available in the Discovery Center.If you have any ideas for tutorials or projects that you would like to see in the future, please leave us some Feedback.

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