PaintShop Pro X4 Working with Object Extractor

Please do the following:

1. Open an image. 

2. Go to Image>Object Extractor

 - A large Object Extractor dialogue box will then open. You’ll be working exclusively with this dialogue box.


3. Outline an object or an item you want to extract from the image with the green highlight using the brush tool.

 - You may change the brush size depending on your liking and how large or small your image is. 

 - Should you overrun the object, use the Eraser Tool to remove the green highlight

 - You can also hold the right click for easy removal of any unwanted green highlight

 - Once the object is fully outlined, go to the next step. 

4. Click the fill tool, the left click inside the green highlight.

5. Click on process

6. It will then preview the extracted image, if you are happy with the image, click OK. 

 - If you are unhappy with the preview, click the Edit Mask tab to return to the previous view and touch up the extraction.




7. Cleaning - If the object extractor has not remove all pixels, choose the regular Eraser Tool and carefully adjust and remove unwanted edges. 


8. You can add a layer and Flood Fill it with black so any unwanted pixels would not stand out. 

9. Congratulations, our extracted object is now ready.

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