How to burn DVD using Easy CD and DVD Burning

Note: This only applies for the older versions of Easy CD and DVD Burning.

1. Launch the program. Click on Video and click on MyDVD Express.

2. This will launch another window where you will be able to Add Video, Change Menu Style or Change Menu Background. Once you are done with adding videos and customizing your project, you can click on Create Disc in order to burn the video project to a DVD.


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    David M Arevalo

    need key for cd dvd burnig software

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    I have the same problem and haven't found an answer yet!  I'm wondering why I bought Premium, if I can't do this or get some help?!?


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    Laurie Noel-Leon

    I have made photo shows via but cannot figure out how to burn them to dvd.  I have purchased the roxio easy CD & burning software, but haven't been able to merge the two.  Is this possible? Which versions actually allow you to do this?

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    Billy MIller

    I Can't this program to copy my DVD and Burn it. 

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    JoAnne Unknown

    I made a dvd and it will play in my computer but not on a dvd player. why is that please let me know asap. what am I doing wrong 

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