Insert a blank disc when burning a DVD in PhotoShow

If you get this message, double-check to make sure the disc you are using really is blank.

If it is, and you are trying to use PhotoShow with the Home DVD Add-On to burn a DVD of your PhotoShow, make sure you have "writable" DVD drive. Many computers have DVD-ROM drives, which means you can play and read DVDs, but not burn them. To burn DVDs, you need to have a DVD-R, DVD+R, or DVD+-RW drive.

If you don't have a DVD-ROM drive and you try to burn your show to a blank DVD, you will receive an error message which says, "Please insert a blank CD or DVD." In that case, use your CD burner and a blank CD-R or CD-RW disc and create an SVCD instead of a DVD.


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    Lucille Costabile Possumato

    I am a long time user of Photoshow, but I have made the show twice but when I go to play it the photos spin constantly.  When I did get then to stop I tried finishing but when I went to BURN it many photos are black screen no photo, I hear my music and then another photo shows. Its intermittent and I burned it 4 times and it comes out horrible.  What is wrong.  I have windows 10 and I just had system cleaned up and its in good order but this is the first time I tried to burn a DVD........please help

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