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People tagging lets you identify the people in your photos making it easier to find and share photos of family and friends. You can use Paintshop Pro's find people face recognition feature to help you group and name people in multiple photos.

You can also tag people manually. With the manual tagging option you're not just limited to faces. You can also tag other part of the photo for identification purposes.

If you post photos to Facebook or Flicker, PaintShop Pro's people tagging can save you some time. Simply import your Facebook and Flicker friends list and link a friend's profile to the corresponding name in your People's list. The result, when you post your photos online, your friends are notified automatically. No need to tag people twice. 

To tag photo manually:

1. Choose a photo in Manage workspace 

2. In Info palette, select People tab


3. Click Tag Person button. A square appears on your photo


You can also drag the square manually if you want to tag another part of the photo and reposition or resize it.

4. Click Who is this?

5. In the first tab, name your person. If you want, you can then link this to any of your Facebook or Flicker friends listed on the other tabs.



As we discussed, now Jeff will be notified when I upload the photo to Facebook or Flicker

5. Click Save or Enter to place the tag


Go ahead and manually add one more person. As you can see, I can now see Jeff's name from the list or create a new person


Now Jeff and Julie's name are added on the Navigation window under the People list. If I click either person, only the photos tagged with her name only display in the Organizer.

Let's try using the Find people Feature to help us find a people in a group of photos.

1. In a folder that has multiple photos of the same people, use the Find people button on the organizer.


User-added image

2.Choose Scan current folder.


If you like, you can read the always helpful Getting Started window but let's instead go through this together. 

PaintShop Pro will then begin the face recognition process. The results shown in the Organizer are all the faces PaintShop Pro has found. You may have more results than you have photos as there may be more than one face in each photo. Although the faces are grouped, we still need to identify these people.

3. In the upper right corner, choose Thumbnail mode. This will make it easier to label your groups. Here you can see all the groups.

4. Enter a person's name to identify that person and all the photos in the group will be tagged at once. After each entry, hit enter. These new names are also added to the People list in the Navigation palette.


The rest of these photos are classified as ungrouped. These are faces that do not have a clear match. But some of these faces are the same people as above and some are new once. Luckily, these can be identified easily too.

5. To create a new list, simply right-click the photo and choose Move to New person. I will type Billy and again, click Enter.


As before, the photo is added to the People list in the Navigation palette. To make it easier, you can select all the Thumbnails of Billy, right-click on one of them and choose Move Person } Billy


For those that you do not want to include, select the photo or photos, right click and choose Ignore person


Do you want to see all the full image where these people appear? In Thumbnail mode, click the View Full Image icon next to the Ignored icon in the upper right. In Preview mode, this feature appears on the lower right corner of the Organizer Palette. You can link to your Facebook and Flicker contacts in this location too.

6. Continue to tag until all the people in your photo are identified.

All people are now accessible in Navigation palette.


7. After you've linked your photos to your social accounts, you can now share your photos online.

8. Select the photos you want to share and click the Share button in the Organizer. Then post the photos to one or more accounts.


This tutorial has just provided an overview of the new People features in PaintShop Pro. It is now easy to identify, organize and share photos of your friends and family. If you need more information, be sure to check out the PaintShop Pro Help Files.

If you have enjoyed this tutorial, be sure to check out the other tutorials that are available in the Discovery Center. If you have any ideas for tutorials or projects that you would like to see in the future, please leave us some Feedback."

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