Software Updates will not download

Roxio requires that users be registered to receive software updates. If you are registered customer and can't download the update(s):

  1. Temporarily disable your PC or router firewall. Please refer to your manufacturer or the Windows Help file to do this.
  • Do not use a download manager. While convenient, they may have accessibility issues to the site.
  • Use the default browser:
    • If using a PC, use Internet Explorer. The Roxio Support site is compatible with most popular browsers including Firefox, but security settings may differ between multiple browsers on your PC
    • If using a Macintosh, use Safari, Camino, or Netscape - but use Safari as the default.
  • If the above fails, it maybe attributed to a background process. You will need to disable these processes to see if it resolves the issue:
    • For PCs: Go to Start --> Run --> and type "msconfig". Click on the Startup tab. On the bottom right of the window, click Disable All. Then click OK and reboot the system.
    • Macintosh users will need to reboot and hold down the "Shift" key. After booting up, launch Safari and try to download again.


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