Understanding the Auto Group feature in PaintShop Pro X4

Paintshop Pro X4 now features an updated organizer which can be found under the Manage tab of the program. Thumbnails are displayed on the program through Trays which can be added or deleted to further ease the sorting and locating of pictures.

The Manage tab now contains the new Auto Group function which lets you group images based on the time the photos were taken.

Auto Grouped images are highlighted with a dark gray background.
Auto Group has a slider that defines the time duration (in seconds) between shots it can range from a second to a minute.

Note the time the images are taken:

Time taken: 2:26:44

Time taken: 2:27:03

The time difference between the two images is 19 seconds, hence the two images grouped together when the slider is set to 19 seconds.
The Auto group does not only group 2 pictures together based on its time difference but 3 or more images can also be grouped if it meets the time specified.

This feature is perfect for grouping and sorting:

  • Burst shots
  • Same scene shots


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