Uninstalling Corel Painter 12 on a PC

These are the steps to remove Painter 12 on a PC running Windows OS.

To uninstall Painter 12 from your computer.

1. You can download the CorelUninstaller.exefrom the attachment below.

2. After downloading the file, unzip and save the CorelUninstaller.exe file on your desktop.

3. Open Control Panel by clicking on the STARTbutton then CONTROLPANEL.

4. From the Control Panel windows double-click on the PROGRAMSicon or the PROGRAMSANDFEATURESicon.

5. The next window will then list all the installed program on your computer.

6. Scroll download and select Corel Painter12, then click on the UNINSTALL/CHANGEbutton at the top.

7. The uninstallation process will then start and on the CHANGEANOPTIONscreen, select REMOVE then you can either place a checkmark on the REMOVEUSERFILES option if you want to remove all files or just keep the user files if you plan to reinstall Painter 12 again.

13. Re-install Painter 12.

NOTE: In order for the removal to be successful, the steps must be followed in that order, do not attempt to run the CorelUninstaller prior to use the Uninstaller from the Control Panel, Add/Remove program.

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