Hotfix is now available for FastFlick on Windows 7

This Hotfix is now available for FastFlick on Windows 7 for OEM and standalone version only.

This update fixes issues caused by the February 2016 Windows 7 Security Update from Microsoft.

To download the update click here

NOTE: If your FastFlick version was provided with your purchase of VideoStudio, please refer to VideoStudio patches & updates for additional information.


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    Gerardo P. Duque



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    William Suckling

    It does not fix anything. All it says is that the version could not be found then kicks me out! seriously?

    Bill Suckling


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    Diane Sweet

    Sorry to hear William - can you please submit a support ticket and we would be more than happy to help.

    Go to -> Support -> Contact Support -> Submit a Ticket

    Thank you

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