Painter 2016: Not all pictures can be added to Image Portfolio

To display the Image Portfolio panel

• Choose Window Media Library Panels Images.

If the Image Portfolio panel is not expanded, double-click the Image Portfolio panel tab.

To add a layer to the Image Portfolio

1 Select a layer.

2 In the toolbox, click the Layer Adjuster tool .

3 In the Image Portfolio panel, click the Image Portfolio options button panel options, and choose Add Image To Portfolio.

The layer is cut from the current document.

4 In the Save Image dialog box, type a name in the Save As box.

  • The Image Portfolio holds only pixel-based layers. If you want to add a shape, Watercolor, Liquid Ink, or dynamic layer to the Image Portfolio, you must first convert it to a default layer. In the Layers panel, click the Layer options button panel options, and choose Convert To Default Layer.

To work-around this, select all, then copy, and then paste. The contents of the subsequent PNGs can be then added to the portfolio.


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