Using Toolbars in Paintshop Pro X4

All three workspaces contain toolbars with buttons that are useful for performing common tasks. When you position the pointer over a button, its name appears on a tooltip, and the status bar displays additional information about the command. In addition, in the Full Editor / Edit Mode, the Learning Center provides advice on using the tool.

Both the Organizer / Manage and the Express Lab / Adjust tab contain one main toolbar with buttons for accessing the most common commands needed in the workspace. As your main workspace for image creating and advanced editing, the Full Editor / Edit Mode contains the following toolbars:

Effectsdisplays commands for applying effects to your images

Photodisplays commands for enhancing photos

Scriptdisplays commands for creating and running scripts

Standardappears by default toward the top of the workspace and displays the most common file-management commands, such as saving images, undoing a command, and cutting and pasting items

Statusappears by default at the bottom of the workspace and displays information about the selected tool

Toolscontains tools for painting, drawing, cropping, typing text, and performing other image-editing tasks

Webdisplays commands for creating and saving images for the Web

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