What's new with Montage in Studio 14

The following additional 7 Montage Themes have been added:

  1. Album 2
  2. Antique Journal
  3. Downtown Lights
  4. Extreme
  5. Sliding Tiles
  6. Tribute 2
  7. Video Ball

There have been several enhancements made to Montage.

Enhancement #1: Improved font adjustments

In Studio 14 there are dramatically more adjustments that can be made to fonts within the Montage template. To the left of each text box is a "Aa" button.


Once you click the "Aa" button, you will be presented with this screen where adjustments to Font, Font Style, Size, Effects, and Script can be made.


Enhancement #2: Background options

It is now possible to remove the solid background from certain Montage Templates. If this is a possibility for the template, you will see "Background" section with a checkbox next to it (See below). By default the box is checked.


Once the Background box is unchecked the background will disappear as is shown in the below image. The benefit of this is that the background is now transparent and you can use the Montage template in the overlay track on top of something else. Here is an example of how this would be set up in the Timeline:


Here is an example of how this would look in the preview window:


Enhancement #3: Lead-In and Lead-Out duration controls

It is now possible to adjust the Lead-In and Lead-Out duration of many montage templates. The screenshot below shows the Lead-In and Lead-Out adjustment handles in the red boxes. These can be adjusted by left-clicking on either the In or the Out and dragging the bar left or right to shorten or lengthen it.


In this example the Lead-In was shortened and the Lead-Out was lengthened. This means that the initial time before the animation starts in this template will be shorter (or the animation will begin sooner). Because the Lead-Out was lengthened, the animation provided by this template will end much sooner. In this specific example the entire animation provided by the template will occur much faster than the default unadjusted template.


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