Manually Removing Corel® Painter 12 from Systems Running Windows® XP.

STEP 1: To safely remove Corel Painter 12 without using the uninstaller. Please follow the steps below:

· Log on to a user account with administrative privileges since "Limited" or "Power User" accounts won't let Corel software install, uninstall, or run properly.
· Disable your anti-virus/spyware, and firewall during this clean re-installation procedure

STEP 2: Windows XP: Manually delete Corel Painter 12 program folders from the hard drive.

· Click Start | Run | type %appdata% and click OK.
· Browse to the Corel folder. Highlight and delete the "Painter 12" folder.
· Click Start | Run | type %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\application data\corel\ and click OK. Highlight and delete the "Corel Painter 12" folder.
· Click Start | Run type Explorer and click OK
· Browse to X:\Program Files\Corel\Corel (X represents the drive where Corel Painter 12 had been installed).
· Highlight and delete the Corel Painter 12 folder.


STEP 3: Remove Corel Painter 12 registry keys from the Windows Registry.

WARNING: Editing the Windows Registry is NOT recommended for those unfamiliar with registry editing. Be sure to backup the registry prior to making any changes.

· Click Start | Run | type Regedit

Delete the following keys:

· HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Corel\Painter\12.0

STEP 4: Please make sure you restart your System, so that the changes will take affect.

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