Setting the working directory in Paradox won't hold when you reboot your machine.

When the file pdxregcl.exe  is enabled in the startup group items, the working directory won't hold when rebooting the computer.

Disabling  pdxregcl.exe  in the startup group items will allow you to set and retain the working directory.

1. Close all applications.
2. Click Start, Run.
3. In the box, type: MSCONFIG and press OK.
4. From the System Configuration Utility dialogue select the Startup tab.
5. From the Startup tab, disable pdxregcl.exe  select Apply, click OK.
6. Restart your computer.
7. Start Paradox and your working directory should still be set.

Another way is to remove it permanently is remove the registry entry from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

1.Click on Start, run and Type Regedit in the Open box and click on Open
2. Click on File, Export
3. Change the save to location to Desktop
4. Name the file regbackup
5. Click on Save.
6. Click the + sign to the left of the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

7. Click the + sign to the left of the folder SOFTWARE.

8. Click the + sign to the left of the folder Microsoft.

9. Click the + sign to the left of the folder Windows.

10. Click the + sign to the left of the folder CurrentVersion.

11. Click the + sign to the left of the folder Run.
12. Locate the file pdxregcl.exe, right-click it and choose delete, confirm the deletion

13. Close the registry editor

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    I tried both solutions in your knowledge base on how to prevent loss memory of the work directory. Neither solution worked.

    The problem with pdxregcl.exe has always been around. You used to have several remedies that worked.

    Today I went into your knowledge base and found only two solutions on how to fix the loss of the work directory after shut down of Paradox. Neither solution works.

    Please advise.

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