Whats new in Painter 11

New! Hard Media Controls

Create your own hard media variants, or choose from new hard media variants in the Brush Library, so you have more creative control over your media. Customizable profiles, dab sizes, transitions and stroke width previews let you play around to create the exact look you want.


New! RealBristle Dry Media

Marker, pen, pencil and chalk media reproduce the look and feel of their real-life counterparts in a way that no other software can!


New! Color Management

Create better color matches with new individual color profiles for every document and improved color recognition for files imported from Adobe Photoshop. This enhances your workflow because you save time by having fewer color corrections to make.


New! Transformation Capabilities

Switch between different Transform modes from one centralized tool, and choose whether to transform the complete contents of a layer, or selected content, for greater speed, flexibility and precision.


New! Resizable Color Palette

Adjust colors manually with sliders on the Color Palette. Enlarge the Color Palette up to 800 pixels for a clearer view of your selected color. You can now also fine-tune the color wheel with your arrow keys so it takes less time to find the perfect color.


New! Color Management Interface

The fresh and simplified interface makes it easier to control color profiles when creating new files, or when opening Painter and other file types.


Enhanced! Selection Tools

A new Polygonal mode for the Lasso tool, plus overall improvements to marquee tools and the Magic Wand, let you make more nimble selections the first time around.


Enhanced! Wacom Support

Support for the entire Wacom product line, including Cintiq pens and Intuos pen tablets, gives you most responsive digital painting software and the best digital art experience.


Enhanced! Adobe Photoshop Support

Maintain colors and layers when transferring files between Photoshop and Painter. This saves time when importing and exporting artwork between the two programs, because corrections are less necessary.


Enhanced! Mixer Palette & Swatches

Extra mixer swatches appear when you enlarge the newly resizable Mixer Palette. Increase the size of the Palette to put more colors at your disposal and have a clearer view of your chosen color. Reduce the size when you no longer need to mix colors so the Palette takes up less space on screen.


Enhanced! Performance

Painter 11 is optimized to provide artists with the fastest version of Painter ever. Depending on system hardware, brushes perform up to 30% faster, creating a more true-to-life painting speed.

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