How to do mirror painting in Painter 12

The Mirror Painting mode lets you create a perfectly symmetrical painting.

When you enable the Mirror Painting mode, a plane appears in the drawing window that lets you paint one half of an object while Corel Painter automatically replicates a mirror image of the opposing side of the object by reproducing the brushstrokes.

When using the Mirror Painting mode, the brushstrokes that you apply on one side of the plane may occasionally look different in the opposite plane. For example, if you start the Mirror Painting on a canvas that contains previously applied brushstrokes, the mirrored brushstrokes blend with the colors that are already on the canvas. In addition, if youre applying randomized brushstrokes, such as a nozzle, the mirrored brushstrokes are also randomly applied.

 The green line that displays in the middle of the document window represents the mirror plane.

1. In the Toolbox, click the Mirror Painting tool
2. On the property bar, click any of the following buttons:
   • Vertical Plane  — positions the mirror plane vertically in the drawing window
   • Horizontal Plane  — positions the mirror plane horizontally in the drawing window
3. Click the Brush Selector on the Brush Selector bar.
4. In the Brush Library panel, click a brush category, and click a brush variant.
5. Apply a brushstroke on either side of the mirror plane.

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