How To Make Corel® Icons Appear As Thumbnails


If a program was recently installed or had made changes to a product and only to find that image files for the program are displaying as icons rather than thumbnails, there are a few simple ways to restore the view back as a thumbnail

Note:  Thumbnail view is not possible when reading from a disc.  All photos, objects, clipart, or other images must but saved files on the local machine. 

In some cases, files on a local machine lose their thumbnails, and appear as program icons.  To change back their appearance, please do the following:

  1. Right click on any icon and select Open with...
  2. Select Choose default Program
  3. Make sure that Always use the selected program to open this kind of file is checked
  4. Select a different program other than the one already selected (it doesn't matter which).  NOTE:  It may be necessary to click the down arrow beside Other programs in order to view other choices.
  5. Now, the icons will take the appearance of the selected program or application. 

Repeat the above procedure, but change the image back to the correct application needed to open the files with; ie: Corel® Draw or PaintShop Pro.  This will often re-set the icons to show thumbnails; it can take a few seconds and it may be necessary to refresh the folder. 

If all of the above fails, generally running a repair of the program off the installation disc, or download, will refresh the icons to thumbnail view.

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    Gerry Morgan-Stom

    What else can I try, I do have several versions of Corel on my computer. But did a repair on X18 and also followed all the above steps. I have tried all the everything mentioned, including running a repair, with no success. 

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    Ditto the above comment. Tried repair for PSPx8 but repair not offered as choice. Choices either remove entire program or cancel.

    Repair choice for CGS2017 run, and again no joy. Then picked it as default for jpgs, opened photo, saved, still no change.

    With several thousand photo files, not having thumbnails really slows down process and is a pain.

    How about actual solution?

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    addendum:  After hours at the pc and trying any number of online and other suggestions for replacing corel icons with thumbnails, I finally decided to try a guess of my own.

    Now others might have known enough to have taken this step from the very first, but even after years working with the pc I still am not what might be called pc adept.

    My guess was to go to photo-paint associations and uncheck all extensions except .cpt. From that point on photo-paint opened all .jpgs and .tif/.tiff's, allowed editing, and saved to file as a thumbnail without a hitch.

    NO MORE %(#@&%( XxX icons.

    Give it a try. It can't hurt.

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    It didn't work. What can I do?

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