Linking in Calculate


You can link a field in a Calculate to another field in:

  • the same spreadsheet
  • a different spreadsheet
  • a Write document

Linking is a way to tie information in one field to information contained in another. When you link fields, if you change the value in one field, the value in the other field automatically changes too.

Links can be either one-way or two-way:

  • A one-way link, at its simplest, is just a cell reference; for example, =A1 entered in cell A5 creates a one way link. You can make changes to A1 that will be reflected in A5, but not the other way round.
  • A two-way link is similar but the data can be changed at either end. A logical consequence of this is that two-way links cannot be used in building a formula (unlike one-way links).

One-way and two-way links can work between documents: a spreadsheet can have a one-way or two-way link to another spreadsheet or a Write document.

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