Issues updating to the correct patch level for Painter 12 on Macintosh

Painter customers that install select versions of Painter 12 on the Macintosh may experience Issues upgrading their software to the latest patch level. Customers that have Painter,, or on the Macintosh will be impacted. Specifically, when checking for updates after the initial installation from within Painter 12, the Macintosh installer will not fetch the service packs, updates and hot fixes in the correct order. As a consequence, users will receive an error message such as Alert: This update applies only to the latest build. Please check that all available updates are installed, and then try again.

To work around this issue, users should visit and click on the patches and updates section and select the Painter 12 link. Head to the bottom of the page and download and install the following patches in the following order:

  1. Corel Painter 12 Service Pack 1 UpdateMacintosh (
  2. Corel Painter 12.1 UpdateMacintosh (
  3. Corel Painter 12.2 UpdateMacintosh (

This issue does not impact Painter and beyond. Users can use the check for updates feature within Painter 12 to get the latest patches and updates for their software.

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