How to Disable Capitalization after specific Punctuation Marks- WordPerfect Office X6

There are words that should not be in capital form such as the word "and" in Mr. and Mrs. when typed in the program. This function occurs when the feature Capitalize the next letter after end-of-sentence punctuation is turned on in WordPerfect Office X6. However, this can be disabled.

How to disable Capitalize the next letter after end-of-sentence punctuation:

  1. Launch WordPerfect Office X6
  2. Select TOOLS in your Menu Bar
  3. Click on QuickCorrect
  4. Click on Format-As-You-Go Tab

       5. Uncheck the box under Sentence Corrections for Capitalize the next letter after end-of-sentence punctuation
       6. Click on OK

Please note that this modification will affect most commonly used sentence punctuations such as period, question mark and exclamation point.

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