How to install the trial version of Painter 12

Here are the steps to help you install the trial version of Painter 12.

1. First check if your computer meets the system requirements of Painter 12, you can click here for the Painter 12 System Requirements.

2. After checking and your computer meets the Painter 12 System Requirements, you can visit to visit the Product Free Trial page of all Corel Products.

3.Click on the  button to go to the download page of Painter 12.

4.Once on download page of Painter 12, click on either DOWNLOAD WINDOWS VERSION button to download the trial of Painter 12, if youre on a Mac then click on the link for the Macintosh version of Painter 12.

5.After clicking on the download link, you should received the screen for the Corel Download Manager Installer.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you will received the Akamai NetSession Interface screen, then just click on the download installer link to download the installer. When asked If you want to RUN or SAVE, just click on the RUN button.


- If youre using Safari or Mozilla Firefox, you will get the Corel Download Manager Installer and the screen to download the installer file. Just click on the SAVE button to save the installer file on your computer.

6. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, do not close the Corel Download Manager Installer screen and after the installer file have been downloaded, just double click on the INSTALLER.EXE to run the installer file or the installer will automatically run depending on the browser that you are using.

7. When you received the AKAMAI NETSESSION INTERFACE, just select the I AGREE option then click on the NEXT button for the installation to continue.

8. Just wait for the AKAMAI NETSESSION INTERFACE to be installed and once that is done just click on the CLOSE button and the Corel Download Manager Installer should start downloading the CorelPainter12_TBYB_EN file.

9. Once the CorelPainter12_TBYB_EN' 'has been downloaded, it will either automatically run the installation process or you can locate the CorelPainter12_TBYB_ENfile and double-click on it to start the installation of Painter 12.

10. When you run the CorelPainter12_TBYB_EN, the initial screen that you will received is the LICENSE AGREEMENT, read LICENSE AGREEMENT then the select the I ACCEPT THE TERMS IN THE LICENSE AGREEMENTand click on NEXT button.

11. On the INFORMATION screen, just type your name on the USER NAME: box and select the I DO NOT HAVE A SERIAL NUMBER AND WANT TO TRY THE PRODUCT option then click on the NEXT Button.

12. On the next screen, make the necessary changes to the DESTINATION FOLDER and the PRODUCT UPDATES settings or you can just leave the option as they are if you do not need to install the program on a different folder or drive then click on the INSTALL NOW button.

13. This will start the installation process of Painter 12. Just wait for the installation process to complete and when its done, just click on the EXIT button to start using the Painter 12 trial.

NOTE: You will have 30 days to use the full working version of Painter 12 and keep in mind that adjusting the computer clock no matter how small adjustment you make will expire the trial version of Painter 12.

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