Painter 12 - Installing Download Version (MAC - Windows)

Painter 12 - Installing Download Version (MAC/ Windows)


After purchasing Painter 12, you will receive an Order Confirmation Window and/ or e-mail.



If this is your first time installing Painter 12 on your computer, please complete the following steps:



1. In your Order Confirmation, click on Download painter 12 which is located in theSoftware Purchased by Download section.



2. Select the proper Download Now button based on your operating system.



3. Click Save and browse to a folder location where you would like to save the download (ie. the Desktop).



4. When the download is completed, click Run to begin the setup.



5. It is important to read the licensing agreement (EULA).  After reading, place a check mark in the empty box stating that you have Accepted the terms in the license agreement, then click on the Next button.



6. Select I have a serial number. Your Serial number is provided to you in your Order Confirmation.



7. Copy and paste the Serial Number into the appropriate box and click Next.  To copy and paste your serial number, simply hold down the Ctrl and C buttons on your keyboard to 'Copy', and hold down the Ctrl and V buttons to 'Paste'.



8. Click Change if you want to install the program in a different location. Click Install Now.



9. A status bar will show Painter 12 installing to your computer.

10. Once the status window shows Installation Complete or Finished, Painter 12 will be installed and ready to use.


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