Top 10 Reasons to Buy Corel® PaintShop® Pro X5

Corel® has been the industry leader in software and development for decades, bringing forth high-quality and user-friendly programs for both the beginner to the most advance user.  PaintShop Pro, since its introduction to the Corel® family has brought forth award winning versions year after year, and version X5 is no exception.  PaintShop Pro X5 has now introduced some stunning new tools and features that will benefit users of all ages, and bring photo editing to a whole new level.

1.         Powerful photo-editing tools

PaintShop® Pro X5 provides all the photo-editing tools you need to create stunning images and bring your vision to life. Enjoy an easy and intuitive user experience with tabbed workspaces that mirror your natural workflow:

  • Manage: quickly browse, tag and organize your images
  • Adjust: easily make adjustments and quick fixes
  • Edit: take advantage of professional tools for photo editing, image composition and graphic design


2.         Get incredible creative results—fast! 

Turn everyday photos into stunning images in just seconds with the quick and easy photo-editing features of PaintShop® Pro X5.  Use new Instant Effects to apply visual presets to get the perfect look for your photos and create and customize your own presets for use in future projects.  Recreate low-fi camera effects using the all-new Retro Lab or try the new Graduated Filter tool to quickly and easily add unique color gradient effects to your images.

3.         Built-in sharing and social media features

Share your photos and designs with the world using the new and enhanced social media features of PaintShop® Pro X5. Create online albums, add descriptions, and simultaneously upload your photos and designs to Facebook®, Flickr® and Google+™.

4.         Versatile creative design tools 

PaintShop® Pro X5 is more than just a photo-editing solution, it's also a powerful design program that's perfect for any visual project—whether you're creating dynamic logos and designs, developing images for the web, or adding creative touches to your photos.  Enjoy a variety of powerful design features, including creative brushes, textures, layers, vector tools and more!

5.         Creative web graphics

Whether you're an aspiring or experienced web designer, PaintShop® Pro X5 offers everything you need to create, edit and optimize your web graphics. Use built-in image slicing, mapping and simple rollover tools to create interactive web graphics.  Results can be previewed in your web browser and new web image files are exported automatically with accompanying HTML code, making it easy to add to your web design projects.

6.         Stunning HDR photos 

Autobracketing is a powerful camera technology which automatically takes multiple shots of the same scene with different exposure settings. PaintShop® Pro then selectively recombines the shots to create a single stunning HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo with intense visual contrast. PaintShop® Pro X5 includes a variety of enhanced HDR features, including Exposure Merge features which allow you to preview HDR photo alignment, add moving objects and create black and white HDR photos.  For added functionality, the Single RAW Photo feature allows you to split an individual RAW file into three images and then selectively recombine them to create an HDR-style effect.

7.         RAW photo editing made easy

RAW is a powerful photo format which contains more information and detail than the traditional JPEG format of most digital cameras. PaintShop® Pro X5 feature the Camera RAW Lab, a unique tool system which supports hundreds of camera models, allows for simple batch processing to convert RAW image files, and includes the ability to apply non-destructive adjustments to your RAW photos.

8.         Connect with photos and people

With PaintShop® Pro X5, connecting with those around you is even easier thanks to all-new features that bring photos and people together.  Use the new Find People feature to automatically scan your photos using powerful face detection technology.  It's the quick and easy way to identify, tag, and organize your photos based on the people who appear in them.  You can also save time by linking friends and family members in your photos with Facebook® and Flickr® so they're automatically tagged when you share online.

9.         Share your photos and your travels

Whether you want to share your latest travel adventure or are simply looking for a way to add a new dimension to your photos, PaintShop® Pro X5 offers a variety of built-in features that combine places and photos. Use the Map Mode to view and add real-world locations to your photos using GPS data, Google Maps™ search, Facebook® check-ins or copy and paste locations from other photos.  And for the ultimate photo-travel experience, use the Share My Trip feature to create interactive slideshows that allow you to integrate your photos into a detailed map.  Save your photo-map as a slideshow or upload it to your Dropbox™ account for optional sharing on Facebook®.

10.       Easy built-in learning

With PaintShop® Pro X5, now it's even easier to find the help, training and information you need. Get access to video tutorials and take advantage of free downloadable extras in the Corel Guide. Find easy step-by-step instructions in the award-winning Learning Center.  Plus, take advantage of all new Getting Started screens for a streamlined approach to learning about new and existing features.

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