Error 404 when trying to use Share My Trip in Paintshop Pro X5

'Issue':  When trying to use "Share My Trip" with the Dropbox option in Corel Paintshop Pro X5, you may encounter  "error 404" when trying to view the link that is provided for the project. 

If you see this error message, and you created a Dropbox account after October 4th, 2012, the Public folder is not enabled.

Dropbox has made changes to their service -- the Public folder is not enabled by default. A true Public folder, which allows public sharing, has a globe symbol on the folder. 

If you have a Public folder in your account that does not have this symbol, or if no Public folder appears, please follow the steps below.

For more information about the change to Dropbox, visit


'Resolution'You will need to enable a Public folder.

To enable a Public folder

1. Go to:

2. Sign in to your Dropbox account, if prompted. 


3. After you sign in, click Enable Public Folder.

4. Verify your e-mail address by clicking Send email.

5. Access your e-mail account and open the message from Dropbox.

6. In your email account, click Verify your e-mail address.

7. Sign into your Dropbox account, if prompted. 

8. The Public folder will be enabled. If you don’t see the confirmation message (shown below), click the Enable Public Folder button again.

9. Following the steps above will resolve the link issue for all future Share My Trip projects.  If you want to fix a project that you have already created, move the Share My Trip folder from the Public (old)folder into the new Public folder.

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