How to use Screen Capture in PaintShop Pro X4 X5

*** In order to use the screen capture feature, you will need to be under the Edit Workspace ***. 

I. Different Methods in Capturing Screens

Click on File -} Import -} Screen Capture -} SetUp -} Capture Setup




Option 1. Right Mouse Click - lets you capture screen contents by right‑clicking
Option 2. Hot Key - lets you use a keyboard shortcut to capture screen contents. Choose a key or key combination from the drop-list.
Option 3. Delay Timer - lets you capture screen contents after a specified delay. Type a number in the seconds box

II. Determine Capture Settings


  •   Area - captures the area of the screen that you select
  •  Full screen - captures the entire screen
  •  Client area - captures the contents of the active program
  •  Window - captures the active window
  •  Object - captures an object within the program that you select, such as a menu bar, toolbar, icon, or document window

III. How to capture an image or series of images


If you prefer to include the cursor during capture, choose the option Include Cursor. 
For Multiple Captures, click on the box located on the right side of the Capture Setup.

  1. Choose File -} Import -} Screen Capture -} Setup 
  2. Capture Now. 
  3. Set up the image you want to capture. If you want to capture an area of the screen, marquee select that area. If you want to capture an object, click the object.
  4. Press the hot key or right click.
  5.  Image captured is shown on PaintShop Pro workspace.

Note: If you already have chosen your setting, you can start the screen capture by holding SHIFT + C or Go to File -} Import -} Screen Capture -} Start

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