Quick Time for Windows and Corel products

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team has posted an alert regarding security risks in the Windows version of Apple QuickTime.

Corel VideoStudio X8, X7 and older versions include QuickTime as part of their installation. Other products, including Corel VideoStudio X9 and some offered under the Roxio and Pinnacle Studio brands, may also rely on QuickTime for the delivery of some features. Unfortunately, uninstalling QuickTime may impact some products' performance and functionality.

Corel is moving quickly to evaluate which of its products and their functionality may be impacted by the removal of QuickTime from Windows users' systems. We will provide our customers with more information on a product-by-product basis as soon as possible.

Corel would like to assure our users that we are not aware of any exploits of this issue impacting our customers. We would also like to remind all our customers to follow safe internet practices and not open attachments, click on external links, or download files from any source they do not know and trust explicitly. Moreover, it is also a best practice to ensure that your system is running up-to-date anti-virus, firewall, and malware protection software.

Corel takes our users' security seriously and we will provide more information regarding this issue as soon as it is available.

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    Trevor Andrew




    Thanks Diane for the info, 


    Not surprising there have been a lot of discussion regarding QuickTime and Video Studio on the open forum, I guess this is the first we have heard from Corel, yes more information would be welcome.


    Post here




    Although CVSX9 does not install QT, after installing the program we are presented with a message that QuickTime is required and should be installed. 


    Clearly your customers do not know what to do for the best with some indicating using another program, not at all what we want to here. 


    I found this message by accident, the Knowledge Base is not the best place to search. Your comments on the “user to user forum” would of course be welcome.





    Regards Trevor Andrew


    Aka lata


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    Warren Lewis

    I have X6 Ultimate at the moment and I found installing Quicktime for Windows10 doesn't fix the issue regarding .mov files.  Can Corel recommend a mov to mpg converter?

    [I've since found the fix for my issue in X6 at least.  Its just copying a dll file to the Windows folder. Refer to link below.  As far as a converter goes I found that VLC Media Player can convert mov files to other formats. ]

    Edited by Warren Lewis
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    Robert Paulsen

    I record using a Canon 5D MII and when I try loading a video, I get the message saying I need to download and install quicktime. I can simply rename the file to .mp4 and then it loads just fine. Depending on what format .MOV your camera creates, this may or may not work for you. 

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